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Halloween Cat (CISW 350 Photoshop Assignment) | Will Murray's (Willscrlt's) Media Gallery

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Halloween Cat (CISW 350 Photoshop Assignment)

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Assignment: Post an image you have taken of an animal. Apply an adjustment layer and a filter to the image.

Implementation: This was my cat when I was kid. I always thought it was so cool that I had a black cat for Halloween. He, however, was much less thrilled with it, since it meant the doorbell rang for hours, and he'd go off and hide. I thought the B&W adjustment looked good on this, especially since the old 1970's kitchen colors looked much better as textured patterns of gray. for the filter, I chose to sharpen it to enhance the texture.

I know he's cute, but please do not share this photo anywhere. Thanks.

Instructor's comments: I like the contrast of textures in this photo - wood background, cat, and patterned paper. Nice