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Heaven in a Wild Flower with Pansies | Will Murray's (Willscrlt's) Media Gallery

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Heaven in a Wild Flower with Pansies

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In honor of Earth Day 2012, I created this Facebook cover photo of some pansies sparkling with dew drops. I added a quote from the poet William Blake: "To see a world in a grain of sand, / And a heaven in a wild flower, / Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, / And eternity in an hour." I was very happy with how the macro focus on my camera worked to capture the droplets and velvety surface of the flowers.

This composite digital image by Will Murray ("Willscrlt") was completed at 2:17 PM on Sunday, 22 April 2012. The included close-up photo (HB P4150128) of pansy flowers was taken by Will Murray ("Willscrlt") at 10:16 AM on Sunday, 22 April 2012 at one of the flower planters in front of the CBRE Building at 555 Capital Mall, Sacramento, California, 95814.

This low-resolution version of the work is copyright ©2012 by Will Murray ("Willscrlt"). It is hereby released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC-BY-NC-3.0) license. The work may be reused non-commercially individually or as part of a derivative work subject to the terms of the license, most notably the requirements of non-commercial usage and to provide proper attribution. At a minimum, attribution should include the name(s) of the creator(s) identified above, along with a printed or working hyperlink to www.WillMurray.name or directly to this page. Higher resolution versions of this image and usage not permitted under the terms of the listed license may be available under a commercial license by contacting me.

If you do use this image, I would appreciate it if you let me know where and how you used it. So far, it has been used:

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