ART 300 Homework 1A: “Compact Disc and Case”

Compact Disc and Case. ©2013 Will Murray (Willscrlt)
Compact Disc and Case.
©2013 Will Murray (Willscrlt)


Using graphite media on drawing paper, draw three or more geometric shapes using a variety of values, graphite pencils, and erasers.


I’m not a huge fan of abstract geometric shapes, so I decided to draw something realistic composed of geometric shapes. A compact disc and its case provided me with several circles, a square, and a parallelogram to play with. The most challenging parts of the drawing were the refracted light on the CD surface and trying to make the case cover appear transparent.

Materials used:

  • Utrecht Premium Graphite Drawing Pencil – B
  • Utrecht Premium Graphite Drawing Pencil – 4B
  • Utrecht Premium Graphite Drawing Pencil – 8B
  • Derwent Onyx Black Graphite Pencil (Dark)
  • Richeson Blending Stumps, 5 pack, Assorted Sizes
  • Utrecht Gum Eraser
  • Sanford Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser
  • Utrecht Spiral Bound Drawing Paper Pad, 50 Sheets, 70 lb., Acid-Free (14 x 17)
  • Utrecht Workable Fixative for Drawings and Paintings


Artist Will Murray (Willscrlt)
Title Compact Disc and Case
Date 19 June 2013
Project Portfolio 1 – Homework 1A
Course ART 300 (Beginning Drawing)
School American River College
Copyright   ©2013 Will Murray (Willscrlt), Some Rights Reserved
License Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US)
For proper attribution see

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