This site is a collection of projects that Will Murray created and/or maintains. Please note that all projects and information are provided AS-IS, without any warranty, and are not guaranteed to work or be without errors.

The following projects are available here:

  • DC_Countries is a table you can include in your own database. The primary key of the table may be used without restriction in your own projects to easily identify a wide variety of countries, political regions, islands, etc.
  • DC_Localities_USC is a companion table for the DC_Countries table. It provides a list of United States and Canadian (USC) states, provinces, districts, territories, possessions, islands, and military postal destinations. These items are all tied to the appropriate country code used in the DC_Countries table.
  • Murray Clan Badge is a 250×300 pix­el image of the Murray Clan Badge as real­ized by Will Murray (a.k.a. “Willscrlt”) fea­turing shad­ow­ing and a trans­par­ent white matte background. (2007-02-24, CC-BY-SA-3.0-US)

These projects are pretty much obsolete, but are archived for reference: