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Celebrate the New Year, but please celebrate responsibly! Pick a designated driver or take a taxi. Don't drink and drive.

I stopped by Costco this morning to pick up a pumpkin pie for tonight's dinner (probably the last one for the season *cry*). I thought that these wine bottles might make a nice photo. Ironically, I didn't buy any alcohol. We will be celebrating the new year with sparkling peach juice. Yummy!

The warehouse lights are not the best lighting, so I touched up the color a bit in Photoshop on my laptop--the first time I've used my laptop for color tweaking, so hopefully its calibration is pretty close to right. I also blanked out the prices and item numbers on this low-res image to make it a bit more reusable.

The following page(s)/site(s) are re-using this image correctly, or nearly so, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. I would like to thank the authors for being considerate and crediting me for my work. Note, however, that I am not affiliated with these sites or their owners, nor do I support, endorse, or recommend their sites, products, or services.

The following page(s)/site(s) appear to be violating the license terms, and therefore have stolen my work. I definitely do not support, endorse, or recommend them since they cannot even comply with my very generous licensing terms. I am requesting that they comply or remove my work.

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