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Sacramento Photowalk: Sacramento Elk's Lodge at Night - Distant (DSC00771) | Will Murray's (Willscrlt's) Media Gallery

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Sacramento Photowalk: Sacramento Elk's Lodge at Night - Distant (DSC00771)

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I had planned to attend the Sacramento photowalk the night before, but couldn't attend. So the following night my dad and I went on our own brief photowalk and these are the results.

A view of the Elks Lodge building from the southern side of J street between 10th and 11th street. This block is filled with vacant, boarded up storefronts and hotels. I was glad that I wasn't alone taking these pictures, though there was nothing particularly alarming about the people we saw.

©2008-2009 by Will Murray ("Willscrlt") willmurray.name/ This photo is CC-BY-SA-3.0-US licensed. You may reuse it subject to the terms of that license. Refer to my profile for my attribution requirements. The unaltered original high-resolution version is available under a commercial license.