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Will Murray's (Willscrlt's) Media Gallery

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17x14 (WxH) 2015 20x16 (WxH framed) 20x16 (WxH) 8.5x7 (WxH) abstract (style) acrylic (media) Adobe Illustrator (software) amusement park (location) animal (animal) April (month) aqua (color) art (genre) ART 300 (course) ART 320 (course) autumn (season) baby (age) bar (structure) black (color) blue (color) blue-green (color) blue-violet (color) bottle (object) brass (color) bristol (paper) brown (color) building (structure) Calaveras, CA (county) California (state) Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA (location) carousel (entertainment) casino (structure) cat (animal) cat-black (animal) cat-rescued (animal) CC-BY-NC-ND (license) CC-BY-SA (license) charcoal (media) Christmas (event) church (structure) circle (shape) CISW 350 (course) city (location) clock (object) cloud (weather) college (location) Color-Aid 314 (color scheme) commencement (event) convention center (place) Copperopolis, CA (city) copyright (license) cyan (color) Dave W. Murray (person) digital (media) digital composition (technique) digital photograph (media) Douglas, NV (county) downtown (location) drawing (art form) drawing (paper) education (genre) El Dorado, CA (county) Elks lodge (place) exhibited in a show facebook (cover photo) Fallen Leaf Lake CA (location) family (relationship) father (relationship) February (month) fence (structure) First Presbyterian Church Napa (place) flag (object) flagpole (object) flower (plant) food (object) friend (relationship) Funderland (place) geometric (shape) geotagged glossy (finish) gold (color) Gold Country, CA (location) graduate (person) graduation (event) grandfather (relationship) graphite (media) gray (color) green (color) historic (period) historical marker (structure) hotel (structure) hue (color) initials (text) inspirational (theme) Jackass Hill, CA (place) kitten (animal) lake (location) Lake Tahoe, CA-NV (location) leaf (plant) light trail (effect) logo (graphic type) magenta (color) March (month) Mark Twain Cabin CA (place) marker (media) Marlene Murray (person) May (month) McCormick and Schmicks (business) medium gray (paint) memorial (genre) monochromatic (color scheme) mountain (location) multicolor (color) name (text) Napa Valley, CA (location) Napa, CA (city) neon sign (structure) Nevada (state) New Years Eve (event) night (period) nursing home (location) ocean (location) October (month) orange (color) organic (shape) outdoors (location) painting (art form) parallelogram (shape) parking lot (structure) pattern (design element) Photoshop (software) photowalk (activity) pink (color) plaque (structure) Presbyterian (church) purple (color) quotation (text) rain (weather) raindrop (object) red (color) red-orange (color) reflection (effect) restaurant (structure) Roseville, CA (city) Sacramento, CA (city) Sacramento, CA (county) scenic (location) science (genre) shade (color) shadow (effect) shopping mall (location) sidewalk (structure) sign (structure) silhouette (design element) silver (color) sketch (process) sky (environment) South Lake Tahoe, CA (city) spring (season) star (shape) state capitol building (place) Stateline, NV (city) still life (genre) street (structure) street intersection submitted to a show summer (season) text overlay (text) texture (design element) tint (color) titanium white (color) tone (color) Tower Records (business) trademark (license) traffic light (object) train (transport) tree (plant) triangle (shape) Tulare, CA (county) Tuolumne, CA (county) twitter (background) U.C. Davis (place) ultramarine blue (paint) United States (country) university (location) University of California (organization) vector (graphic type) video (art form) violet (color) Visalia, CA (city) water (object) Watt Ave, Sacramento, CA (location) Westfield Galleria, Roseville, CA (place) white (color) Will Murray (Willscrlt) (person) wine (beverage) winter (season) yellow (color) yellow-green (color) yellow-orange (color)